My Siblings

Lacey Taylor is the star of her own series of books, first introduced in My Husband’s Sin before moving forward in Don’t Call Me Mum. With the Lacey Taylor story due to continue in book three next year, I thought it’d be a fun and enriching experience to explore her character and her backstory in more detail. And so was born Letters From Lacey, online exclusive stories from her past to run alongside the books. I’m delighted to dive deeper into this wonderful character as time goes on! And who knows, if all goes well, I may start expanding other characters from the books too!

Dear Readers,

Sitting in the garden at my parent’s house recently, I was thinking about all the fun I had as a child playing there. I have three siblings, Willow, Sally and Robert. Being the youngest in the family, they did spoil me. My brother is closest to me in age. We really had fun times, I even know the off-side rule in soccer because of him.

He was amazing when our Dad died suddenly. It was a heart-breaking time for all and Rob, he stepped up. He made sure those horribly tough days of the funeral passed without a hitch. He has always been a listening ear for me while growing up, but more so after he saw himself as head of the Taylor family. He took it on to protect the family, to try and be what Dad was, our rock.

My sisters and I always teased him about being mum’s favourite, her little boy, he would laugh at us, saying we were just jealous, all harmless banter. Dad would be so proud of him, the way he has made a great success of his life, the caring way he watches out for us.

Having a big brother is wonderful, I feel safe and loved and I’ve always someone to watch the rugby and soccer with at the weekend. Have you got a sibling you are close to? I hope so, we all need someone. Must go now, some tidying up to do, the house doesn’t clean itself my mum always said.


Lacey xxx

If you love Lacey as much as I do, be sure to check out her series and follow for more 😊 I plan to publish each week, alongside the usual writing tips and updates you’d expect. For fans of the series, be sure to share this with your friends and family… It’s more Lacey! And you won’t find these stories in her books…

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