Finding Mum

Lacey Taylor is the star of her own series of books, first introduced in My Husband’s Sin before moving forward in Don’t Call Me Mum. With the Lacey Taylor story due to continue in book three next year, I thought it’d be a fun and enriching experience to explore her character and her backstory in more detail. And so was born Letters From Lacey, online exclusive stories from her past to run alongside the books. I’m delighted to dive deeper into this wonderful character as time goes on! And who knows, if all goes well, I may start expanding other characters from the books too!

Dear Readers,

When I lost my father, my world exploded into tiny fragments that I could never gather up again. But with time comes healing. I really thought nothing so awful in life would strike twice, but I was wrong. I found mum that day, slumped over the chair. Seeing her slouched, still, she looked so small, like she was sleeping I suppose.

I know I screamed, but I’m sure I made no sound, do you know that feeling? Like it’s happening to someone else and not you.

The paramedics were amazing, so kind, so calm, so in control. A heart attack, it was, she went out like a candle. I remember thinking in the following days what was I going to do? Both parents gone and I was only twenty four. No dad to walk me down the aisle, no mam to go wedding dress shopping with, if it ever should happen for me. Oh if only I knew then what was yet to come, then I guess I would have not wasted a second grieving for her, not losing a heart beat in thought of how she died alone.

She deserved it, she did not love me, ha, how stupid and silly I was. What did she do? Oh you would not believe what she thought of me, read it all in My Husband’s Sin.


Not everyone is who they appear to be.

Lacey xxx

If you love Lacey as much as I do, be sure to check out her series and follow for more 😊 I plan to publish each week, alongside the usual writing tips and updates you’d expect. For fans of the series, be sure to share this with your friends and family… It’s more Lacey! And you won’t find these stories in her books…

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