First Christmas Without Lillian

Lacey Taylor is the star of her own series of books, first introduced in My Husband’s Sin before moving forward in Don’t Call Me Mum. With the Lacey Taylor story due to continue in book three next year, I thought it’d be a fun and enriching experience to explore her character and her backstory in more detail. And so was born Letters From Lacey, online exclusive stories from her past to run alongside the books. I’m delighted to dive deeper into this wonderful character as time goes on! And who knows, if all goes well, I may start expanding other characters from the books too!

Dear Readers,

It’s coming close now, that time of year when carols are sung, traffic is bumper to bumper and shop queues snake all the way around the stores. Yes, it’s Christmas, when family is together and all gathered around the fireside, fed and full and all playing board games or watching a family favourite film on TV.

Well, that’s what they want you to believe if the many ads are what we should go by. But the first year, after, Mum, I mean Lillian, died, Christmas was horrendous.

Especially after the revelation. What revelation? I share it all, in My Husband’s Sin. I wanted to hide away, curl up in my pj’s, read a book and have it all pass over but it’s never that simple. Your thoughts remain. So even shutting out the world, won’t let you escape the grief, the sadness, the pain, that some of us can suffer after the death of someone close, because your mind won’t let you forget.
I tried. I joined my brother and sisters for Christmas, that first year of not having either of our parents. It was heart-breaking for me, not because of her death but what it brought me, total destruction. It doesn’t matter that we were all adults, feelings don’t discriminate with age. But to think she could be so cruel, such a bitch basically, Lillian knew so well what she was doing and she did it in a blaze of glory.

She has robbed me of so much, so many past Christmases, so many other memories that were all based I know now on lies. But she’s not going to win, I will rise above it all and once more enjoy what was once a happy family occasion,

So, ho, ho, ho, wherever or however you celebrate,

Love Lacey xxx

If you love Lacey as much as I do, be sure to check out her series and follow for more 😊 I plan to publish each week, alongside the usual writing tips and updates you’d expect. For fans of the series, be sure to share this with your friends and family… It’s more Lacey! And you won’t find these stories in her books…

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