Not Your Usual HAPPY NEW YEAR Post!

When I sat to write this post, I had no idea what I was going to say. We all know about resolutions and fresh starts and new diets but what kept playing on my mind was the word: time. I pondered on this and asked myself what the word signified for me. 

Time is precious. We do not own it nor can we control it. What we do with it, how we use it, how we let it make us feel, is in our control. Looking back over 2018, I realised I had often thought what a long year, when would it end? Not because of anything in particular, although we did lose family and friends, but what year do we not? It is part of life. We had weddings too in 2018, happy wonderful days shared with family and friends, again, not unusual. 

It is said by many as you get older the years get shorter and yes I have found this true, but 2018 was different, it feels like it has gone on forever and while we roll in to a new year, it is the celebrations and festivities that make it stand out. It is after all only day following night, like every other day following night. I know it’s more than this, but I’m keeping it simple, why complicate life any more than necessary?

Time boxes us in. We must meet this deadline, we must be here, be there, roll on the weekend. By having Time dictate, we can lose our confidence, lose hope, break promises, plans, we doubt ourselves. I never finished it, whatever ‘it’ is, I missed the deadline, I can’t reach that goal, that dream, I didn’t have enough Time, I’m a loser, a failure, I might as well give up. 

Forget about it, let the, ‘if only, I should have,’ behind you. It’s gone, so start again!

I didn’t get to finish my novel, did the world end? Nope. BUT I did make progress on it. I didn’t get to meet all the friends I wanted to meet in person, have they abandoned me? Nope, (true friends will never), BUT I did connect with them in some form. I never got to walk every day for my health, BUT I did when I could, well done, me! 

As sure as day follows night, I will achieve all I want to, in my own good time on my terms. Life will throw a few curve balls but I expect that. 

May 2019 bring many blessings to you all.  

Mary x

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