Which Child Are You?

Lacey Taylor is the star of her own series of books, first introduced in My Husband’s Sin before moving forward in Don’t Call Me Mum. With the Lacey Taylor story due to continue in book three next year, I thought it’d be a fun and enriching experience to explore her character and her backstory in more detail. And so was born Letters From Lacey, online exclusive stories from her past to run alongside the books. I’m delighted to dive deeper into this wonderful character as time goes on! And who knows, if all goes well, I may start expanding other characters from the books too!

Dear Readers,

I hadn’t realised that Lacey was writing to you and that our brother, Robert, has even slipped a note in once, so I thought I would write one too. I’m Sally, one of Lacey’s older sisters.

Lacey is such a strong young woman, she has faced much heartache and still only starting out in her twenties. She adores Robert, her big brother as she calls him. But I being older see it differently, he’s my young brother and I should mind him! Isn’t it amazing how where we come in our family can alter our perception of everything? I wonder what Willow, the eldest of us all thinks? Does she carry a sense of duty to look out for us? Maybe she doesn’t think anything about being the eldest.

But deep down I believe she does and won’t admit to it. I know she had a special relationship with Mum, she wanted to be like her in many ways, yet I wasn’t as drawn to Mum or Dad, I love doing my thing, my way. I like to be me. Is this because I’m not the eldest so I don’t have to forge paths for those to follow? I’m not the son who is expected to step in to Dad’s shoes now he is gone? I’m not the baby so there’s no fuss about me, no minding me?

I’m forgotten, I can slide in and out under the radar, which can be lonely if I’m honest and yet I want to look out for them all. So now to a New Year, we Taylor’s may see things differently but we will all feel the same, loss and grief makes us share the same cloak. I think Lacey will survive this, do you?

Family – a group of people raised together in the same house but so unique.

Where do you fit in your family?


Love Lacey xxx

If you love Lacey as much as I do, be sure to check out her series and follow for more 😊 I plan to publish each week, alongside the usual writing tips and updates you’d expect. For fans of the series, be sure to share this with your friends and family… It’s more Lacey! And you won’t find these stories in her books…

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