Vision Boards and Garth Brooks

While I was chatting with a close friend of mine, we were discussing our goals for this year. Stuff we really wanted to mark off our To Do List once and for all. 

So I came up with a Vision Board. A simple notice board with my goals pinned on to it. Not in a list form but separately. Beneath each title piece, I will stick on the steps I take to make this goal or desire achievable as the year goes by. The important word in the last sentence is steps, little and manageable so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the bigger picture. 

Write up a calendar for a week, place it near your pin board so you have a clear vision of what you are doing and when. On Monday you might write your blog post, Tuesday you will check out competition submissions, Wednesday work on your novel, Thursday, research etc. Put down what applies to you reaching what it is you want. Each of these baby steps are putting you on the next rung of the ladder to get you to the top. As the year goes by, I shall see where I am making progress and where I need to improve. This is a simple method or reminder of what my path is and if it’s the correct one for me.


If by the end of the year, I have not had success in all my goals, it will serve as a reminder that I did work towards it and will encourage me to keep going. After all, Rome was not built in a day. 

Don’t forget to pin photos or pictures of people you admire or want to emulate on this board too. Having visual aids helps keep our focus and mind on what matters to us. Important also is not to fear changing your goals, maybe what you thought you wanted isn’t right for you, then work for what is, what it is that suits where you want to be in life. Sometimes what we think we want can be so wrong. I love Garth Brooks song, Unanswered Prayers. Believe me, I have so many unanswered prayers, I am very grateful for them. 

This is a link to Garth’s song for you to enjoy 

In other news, I’ve finished the writing of my third novel, and have a bunch of exciting stuff going on around me right now. If you haven’t got into The Lacey Taylor story yet, you can start at My Husband’s Sin and Don’t Call Me Mum, and enjoy the many Letters From Lacey here on the site! 

Happy Writing

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