#AmEditing #CreganeCourt

Finally, I finished my third novel and took a deep, deep, breath. This novel was a struggle because I was new to the characters of Cregane Court. That’s what happens when you write a series first. In my previous two novels, the Lacey Taylor series, the characters are like family to me. In fact now that I’ve started on the final book of this series, (my fourth novel) it is like spending time with good friends, a reunion of sorts.

But back to this other novel, with new characters and a new story, Cregane Court. As you all know once the first draft is down, then the real work starts. Editing. I printed out all 76000+ words. First, I looked for plot holes as I read through, next read through and following reads, grammar, spellings, characters eyes, hair etc. remained the same from start to finish, word/phrase repetition, and so on. Now that I’m blue in the face from reading this book, which I’m close to saying I’m sick of it, I’m happy that I’ve brought it up to a good standard. It will be emailed out to my trusty beta readers and then, guess what? More editing. It is non-stop work to polish your book to a shine that when the moment comes to submit it to an agent or publisher, you’re happy to do so. Cregane Court is now on its fifth or is it sixth draft? Next is taking some time away from it and getting back to the third instalment of Lacey’s story.

Final thoughts on editing, do not rush into it. Once you’ve finished your project, step away. For how long depends on you, a few days, weeks, months, it is your choice. You will need fresh rested eyes to start editing, you will be fine-tooth combing each line and like I said above, you will become fed up of the story as you will be knee-deep familiar with each word.

But do not make the mistake of going over and over the work, unending editing is what I’m talking about, feeling if you should change this or delete that, having edited it maybe six or seven drafts already. Knowing when to stop, usually if your beta readers are happy and you have dealt with any edits suggested by them, for me I use this as the final hurdle. Taking that step to send it out is daunting but you must do it. To progress your writing life, you must let go and press the send button.  

Once out in the big world, it is back to the wash rinse repeat action, new writing, new editing, and submitting. Here I go again, until next post,

Happy writing xx

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