A Week Away

Each year I do my utmost to get a way for a week with some writing friends for the sole purpose of writing. I have been to some foreign shores, like Chester in England, Toulouse in France, and Huntington Bay in California, USA as well as staying in beautiful Ireland. So many places in counties, Wexford, Galway, Waterford, Dublin, Tipperary, Clare and many more.

To make this week happen, my writing income must pay for it. It is sort of my treat to myself for working hard. Believe me there is nothing easy about the life of a writer. I saved hard for this. When I am thinking about where to go, I try to either go somewhere I’ve always wanted to go (France) or to meet up with new writing friends (California & England). This year, I along with three other writing friends opted to go to county Kerry here in the Emerald Isle. We booked via AirBnB and found this glorious house nestled at the foothills of the Kerry mountains, in particular, Seefinn mountain.

Taken at the site of St. Finian’s Well

Walking on the country roads, finding local holy wells, off-track cottages, we soaked it all up. Eating a couple of nights in nearby restaurants and cooking at home other evenings, we got to balance our mini-holiday/writing week in a nice way.

If you can do this, I mean getting away, it is so worth it for your writing life. The buzz you get from being surrounded by like minded individuals, bouncing ideas, sharing awkward plots, stealing solace in quiet corners, it all feeds in to your belief and confidence in yourself and the words you spill on to the page.

I was so impressed with the wonderful house we were in I made a video walking around outside it. I plan to post it on this website (if I can manage it of course) on a page I hope to put all future videos on. Wish me luck!

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