Flash Fiction (300 Max)


Photo from Fiction Writers Group, source unknown.

Molly’s friend Aleisha was a Pixie and had a pet peather. Molly would love a pet peather, but mummy said no pets were allowed of any sort. Lullaby was a mix between a peacock and a panther and was super cuddly. Her long tail of soft feathers fluffed up when she wagged it. Her tummy was bluey-green like Aleisha’s hair.

Not every night but some nights, Aleisha visited Molly in her dreams. Where Aleisha lived was warm and cheerful. Velvet grass grew along the trees and pretty flowers too. Their sky was deep purple and the rain fell in large orange drops.

“Lullaby and me are soulmates,” Aleisha explained. Molly wanted a soulmate, it sounded nice but she guessed her mummy would say no to that too. Molly spent a lot of time on the naughty step, picking the wallpaper off near the bottom stair. Why didn’t mummy believe her when she told her about Aleisha? They were best friends but mummy said, ” that’s all nonsense, go outside and play with real friends.”

When Aleisha and Molly were together, they played hide and seek around the forest and darted behind the waterfalls. The next morning Molly would be so tired and her hair would have grass or moss through it. She loved being with Aleisha and patting Lullaby. 

This night, Aleisha looked sad. The two friends cuddled in to Lullaby. “I wish you lived in Pixie-land.”

“Me too.” Molly sighed.

“Then stay. Don’t go back.”

Molly thought of her mummy. She would be cross again when Molly’s bed would be empty. Lullaby’s tail wrapped around the friends and they slept.

Tonight, Molly would not return. 

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